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Devan Bald


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Devan Bald hails from the scenic city of Round Lake, Illinois, and personifies the concept of going above and beyond the call of duty. His remarkable personal and professional journey stands as a testament to his unwavering work ethic and dedication. Born in Lake Forest, IL, his vibrant life is interwoven with his passions for sports, culinary craftsmanship, and the tranquil art of fishing.

Discovering His Passion: The Early Years

Devan discovered his love for sports at a tender age. Basketball, football, and baseball were not mere games but an integral part of his life in high school. His commitment to excellence led him to win several accolades in sports, showcasing his tenacity and hardworking nature.

Alongside sports, Devan developed another passion, which was cooking. Working five years as a line cook in two kitchens, he discovered his love for creating culinary delights. Despite the grinding routine and challenges, he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his work. However, after introspection, he decided to pursue his passion for cooking as a hobby, showing a love for authenticity, particularly in Mexican cuisine.

Devan Bald


Devan Bald

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